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What Makes University Of Fondwa Unique?

  • UFondwa is Haiti’s only rural university located in the mountains.
  • UFondwa offers degrees in Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine & Business Management
  • UFondwa understands, respects and seeks to build on the knowledge and experience of rural peasants who represent nearly 2/3 of Haiti’s population
  • UFondwa offers unique opportunities for individuals and academic institutions in the U.S. to partner in their efforts through educational exchanges and rural community-based research
  • UFondwa is based on the “Working College Model” similar to those in the U.S. where work is an integral and required part of the student's educational process.

uFondwa Enables 3 Types Of Wealth Creation:


through entrepreneurial initiatives and employment


through community-based education and research


by promoting and practicing stewardship of natural resources

"All the doors are closed. Education is the key…

University of Fondwa, thank you for your mission."

Lucnar Raymond, Business Management (2009-14)

Throughout their course of study, UFondwa students spend significant time in their home rural communities working in practical application of the knowledge and skills they acquire in the classroom -- across Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine and Business Management.

In addition to traditional classroom based learning, UFondwa students engage in a community needs and resource assessment and in an ongoing "cooperative, work-study" type of education.  Their time at UFondwa guides them in development of senior thesis projects required for graduation.

University of Fondwa represents a major element of the Father Joseph Network's 3-Legs program to bring economic development to communal areas.  Participating students work with their communities to study needs, develop economic growth strategies and deploy solutions to foster sustainable growth.  The 3-Legs initiative provides a unique and tremendous learning experience.

Students in Haiti interested in applying to the University of Fondwa can contact UFondwa’s administrative team in Haiti at [email protected]


An agronomist in Haiti must understand the issues involved in producing food, creating healthier meals and managing the environmental impact of agriculture. While understanding and respecting the knowledge and experience of Haitian peasants, students also work to reverse decades of unsustainable agricultural practices that have resulted in deforestation and soil erosion.

Agronomy students at UFondwa study a wide range of biological sciences such as chemistry, genetics and microbiology, and  are also schooled in the practical application of their knowledge.


Understanding the complex socio-economic challenges in Haiti and implementing an integrated response are fundamental to UFondwa’s mission

to create wealth in rural Haiti.

UFondwa’s business management students study and apply their knowledge of accounting, marketing and personnel management by participating in small business

and entrepreneurial initiatives.

They learn to identify the unique needs and resources

within communities and work towards income-generating solutions that are environmentally sound

and economically sustainable.


UFondwa prepares veterinarian medicine students to be specialists in the health management of livestock species

such as cattle, horse, goats, pigs and poultry production.

This involves prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses in animals and monitoring reproductive health and breeding.

Because veterinarians work at the interface of human, animal, and environmental health, graduates of UFondwa’s veterinarian medicine program also play an important role 

in public health.

Among other valuable learnings, students learn the principles and practices of preventing disease transmission from animals to humans (zoonotic disease) through vaccination,  epidemiologic surveillance, good animal hygiene,

and community education.