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FJN's 3-LEGS/LDC Program Was Endorsed By

Parish Twinning Program Of The Americas

For Its Haitian Impact

And Its Significant Enhancement To Parish Twinning

The FJN 3-Legs Program/LDCs have been endorsed by the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas.

“Father Joseph is a bold spirit with tenacity and determination,” noted Theresa Patterson, Co-Founder and Executive Director of PTPA. “...he inspires people to work together to create change in their community. So many extraordinary enterprises have already sprung forth from his endeavors.”

This assessment and PTPA’s endorsement stand in contrast to what typically occurs in developing nations, according to Patterson, “I’ve seen so many groups establish a project in these communities, but the local people have no organization to sustain the efforts after the groups leave, so they often fail.”

The Parish Twinning Program of the Americas has developed working relationships between some 300 Catholic parishes in the United States and an equal number of counterpart parishes throughout much of rural Haiti. 

In January 2017,  an agreement was reached between PTPA and the Raising Haiti Foundation to  introduce the Three Legs initiative/LDCs to rural Haitian communities with existing robust, long-standing twinning relationships.

Most twinned communities would agree that the three components of the Father Joseph Network's 3-Legs  initiative (Local Development Committees, Economic Development Resources and Human Resource Enablement) when applied in combination, offer the best possible way forward to move their communities toward economic viability and greater sustainability

  Learn More About FJN's Impact Through 3-Legs Below

Parish Twinning Efforts Benefit

From Participating With FJN

“I would like to thank Our Lady Queen of Peace (OLQP) for all the help

you have given Medor in the last 20 years.  

But I would like to express my extreme gratitude

to OLQP and APF for the 3-Legs Program, 

which will allow Medor to begin to help itself,"

stated Pere Luckson, Medor, regarding Raising Haiti's/APF's 3 Legs Program.


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Pere Luckson Is Behind The 3 Leg Project 100%!

Thanks to God. Thanks to Our Lady Queen of Peace for bringing the program to Medor.”

Pere Luckson

Pere Luckson describes wonderful progress that has occurred in Medor in the 20 years that St. Joseph parish has been twinned with Our Lady Queen of Peace; benefits that Medor could not begin to envision 20 years ago.

Now, with the 3-Legs program, Medor will begin to move toward sustainable economic development; the people of Medor will learn how to increase wealth for their community

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FJN's 3-Legs Strategy Animates

The Medor Community In Economic Development, Building Upon And Enhancing Parish Twinning For Sustainable Growth

"The work we are embarking on will not be easy,

but as the LDC, the students from UNIF, our beloved St. Joseph parish, our friends at Our Lady Queen Of Peace, the local grass roots organizations, and the Association of Peasants of Fondwa are working together on the 3-Legs Program,  we will slowly but surely bring development to Medor and raise up our community." 

Baltazar Cyrille, Medor's 3-Legs Animator

FJN stands ready to support parish twinning efforts with proven economic development strategies to affect sustainable development and growth.

Learn How The 3-Legs Program Can Support Your Twinning Efforts

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