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The Sisters Of St. Anthony Of Fondwa

The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Antoine of Fondwa was founded in 1996 by Father Joseph. 

The Sisters provide Spiritual guidance and support and also operate an orphanage, a K-12 school, a training center and a clinic.  Plus they provide administrative and hospitality services to the Father Joseph Network, and they support Haitian women in their economic development.

The Sister’s mission is to bring God’s word to the poor of rural Haiti through prayer and direct service. The Sisters receive guidance from Father Joseph Philippe, co-founder and spiritual director.  The  Sisters also support many of the FJN organizations' activities, from an administrative, hospitality and spirituality perspective.

The Sisters have been involved in all of APF’s programs, but including the orphanage, where they take care of all of the children,  as well as operating the clinic. 

The Sisters of Saint Anthony of Fondwa are now working on rebuilding the convent for their community. They had just completed the first convent when it was destroyed in the earthquake, and in it they lost a community member and an orphan, who perished in the rubble.

The Sisters are in need of funding for a new convent to house women who are seeking to discern their calling into religious life.  The Sisters could also use support to provide meals and support for the many children in their loving care.

The Sisters Of Saint Anthony Of Fondwa Provide Significant Support 

To The Father Joseph Network And Local Communities 

• The Sisters run an orphanage for 65 children and a K-12 school for 700 children

• At the APF Center, the Sisters take care of visitors and volunteers and supervise the staff. They're in charge of all of the administrative work at the APF Center.

• At the APF Clinic in Fondwa, the Sisters manage the clinic and the malnutrition program for the malnourished children.

• At the Fondwa Restaurant, the Sisters participate in the administration of the restaurant, supervise the staff and help with customer service.

• At the Fondwa K-12 School, the Sisters manage the school, teach and supervise the staff. They also manage the food program for the children at the school.

• At the Parish of Fondwa, the Sisters assist the priests and participate in different activities of the Parish such as the choir, the liturgical committee and the preparation of the sacraments.

• In the Women Groups, the Sisters motivate the women to take responsibilities in the community and to get involved in small business activities such as food processing, coffee processing, and raising animals.