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The Father Joseph Network Is Collaborating With

The Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT) To Transform Lives

Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT)  has been working with FJN to bring smart farming of highly nutritious orange-flesh sweet potatoes and their leaves to smallholder farmers across Haiti.  GIFT has been  collaborating with UFondwa and other parties in Haiti, Poland, Malawi, Grenada and the United States to bring profitable agriculture solutions to the rural poor.

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GIFT'S President Joins FJN As Convenor-CEO

GIFT's President, Tim Maurer, recently joined FJN as its Convener-CEO

to help FJN organizations increase their impact.  Maurer has been an advocate of the

U. N. SDGs and the C. K. Prahalad framework for addressing global needs:

"The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid -- Eradicating Poverty Through Profits

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GIFT Has Supported Parish Twinning

GIFT has been working with the Parish Community to encourage deployment of strategies for economic development and sustainability.

GIFT Can Bring Strategic Partnerships To FJN

GIFT has worked with the Poznan Supercomputing & Networking Center, Poznan, Poland, on the development of a smart agriculture, smallholder farming portal.  This solution will be available for incorporation into FJN's 3-Legs/LDC strategy for economic development.

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GIFT has also begun working with Louisiana State University Ag Center & Sweet Potato Research & Development Center to bring global best practices to Haiti to optimize sweet potato production and profit.  This solution will be available for incorporation into the FJN 3-Legs/LDC economic development  strategy.

GIFT Is Exploring Community  Microgrids

GIFT leadership has advocated Intelligent Community Microgrids in the U. S. and will be bringing this experience to Haiti. This solution will be available for incorporation into the FJN 3-Legs/LDC economic development  strategy.

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GIFT Is Exploring Mobile For Pay As You Go Financing, Value Chain Payments And Purchase Clout Discounts

GIFT leadership brings a background in payments processing and payments technology

and will be working to help FJN develop solutions for such things as solar financing,

farming value chain payments, and merchant and consumer discount services.

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