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Fonkoze's Impact In Combatting Global Poverty

Is Recognized As "Particularly Successful"

...One of the most effective aid organizations in Haiti is Fonkoze (, which has adopted a “graduation model” that has been particularly successful at combating global poverty.

Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times, December 2016


    Solidarity Loans That Support The Ultra Poor


Women Graduates From Adult Education Classes


Lifted Income Via CLM   

Ultra Poverty Program


Healthcare Recipients.   

To Reach 2 Million By '20


       Savings Account


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  Business Development                   Clients

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Fonkoze's Mission

To provide the financial and development services to empower Haitians - primarily women - to lift

their families out of poverty. 

The Staircase Out Of Poverty

provides a proven methodology.

Staircase Out of Poverty

The Staircase Out Of Poverty consists of the following four services:

Chemen Lavi Miyò (CLM)

Chemen Lavi Miyò (CLM), or “the pathway to a better life,” empowers Haiti’s poorest women

to lift themselves and their families out of ultra poverty, with hope and vision for their futures. '

Ti Kredi ("Little Credit")

Ti Kredi (“Little Credit”) is Fonkoze’s three-month microfinance program.

It provides some of Haiti’s most vulnerable women with business skills training, mentoring,

and weekly life skills education to enable them to become successful microentrepreneurs. 


Solidarity lending is Fonkoze’s core microfinance program. It provides loans to groups of five women

(called a Solidarity group), creating a built-in system of accountability and support. Beginning at $45

and increasing to over $850, Solidarity loans enable women who have already established themselves

as micro-entrepreneurs to expand their businesses. 

Business Development

At the top of Fonkoze’s Staircase Out of Poverty is our Business Development program.

With 12-month loans beginning at $1,300, Business Development clients use their increased loan capital and longer loan cycles to create thriving businesses. The Business Development program provides opportunities for Solidarity clients to move up the Staircase and expand their businesses.  

The "Handrails"

In addition to our microfinance programs, Fonkoze provides Education and Health services, and

Business Skills Training which serve as Handrails to support clients along their climb up the Staircase Out of Poverty.

Fonkoze Has Provided A Tremendous Amount Of Support To The Rural Poor

The Fonkoze Family consists of:

Sevis Finansye Fonkoze (“SFF”): the bank for the poor that provides loans and other financial services primarily to poor women in rural Haiti

Fondayson Kole Zepol (the “Foundation”):  a non-profit Haitian organization that provides help for the ultra poor (too poor to assume an SFF loan), health care services, educational, literacy and business development services

Fonkoze USA: provides information to the large community of international supporters of Fonkoze as well as fundraising in America and other countries.

Fonkoze is Haiti’s largest micro-finance institution with 45 branches, 1,000 Haitian employees, 200,000 depositors, 62,350 active loans in the hands of the poor and millions in assets.

In fiscal year 2016 (ending September 30, 2016), Sèvis Finansye Fonkoze (SFF), S.A. (Fonkoze Financial Services) worked to achieve its double bottom line:

1.) lifting families and communities out of poverty
2.) while operating in a financially self-sustaining manner.

SFF offers micro and small business loans, savings products, international and domestic money transfer services, currency exchange services and payroll services, among others. 


With over 62,350 active loan clients (99% women) and average loans ranging in size from US$45 to US $240, SFF reaches among the poorest women in Haiti.  Other vital statistics:

$11.5 million loan portfolio

$29.5 million disbursed

125,634 loans disbursed


Fonkoze Financial Services’ clients range from individuals who have never had a savings account before to formal businesses, schools, churches and NGOs. Vital statistics:

208,664 savings clients

$21.4 million in savings

3,464 daily transactions


In addition to its savings and loans services, SFF processes nearly $70 million in remittances every year -- providing an economic lifeline for hundreds of thousands of people across Haiti.  Vital statistics:

$69.7 million in transfers

277,525 transactions


Both US Dollars (USD) and Haitian Gourdes (HTG) are accepted and used widely in Haiti. Fonkoze Financial Services provides valuable currency exchange services for its clients. 

Vital statistics:

$78.6 million in total transactions


Fonkoze Financial Services supports organizations — including those based overseas — to complete regular payroll cycles. For example, a charitable institution in the United States that sponsors a school in Haiti will send a lump sum to Fonkoze Financial Services that is deposited directly in their employees’ savings accounts.  Fonkoze Financial Services provided payroll services to about 30 such organizations.

Value Chain Development

In order for Fonkoze to help advance Haiti’s economy through small and growing enterprises,

we know that there are some core economic sectors that need extra support. Fonkoze seeks to take a value chain approach to supporting these sectors, meaning that we look at them in a holistic way—from the individuals producing raw materials to the businesses selling products in domestic and foreign markets.

This is but one of the Handrails Fonkoze Provides; the others include

CLM Case Managers, Business Skills Training, Health Programs and Educational Services.

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Business Development Impact


Average loan amount in FY2016.

$3.5 M

Total amount of loans disbursed in '16


Number of active Business Development clients as of FY2016.

Solidarity Impact


of our clients are able to send all of their children to school after 5 years in Solidarity.


of our clients own small assets (versus 68%) after 5 years in Solidarity.


Average savings amount per client (versus $7) after 5 years in Solidarity.


Active Solidarity clients as of '16.

Inclusion Impact


Number of women who graduated from our Adult Education classes since 2000.


Number of women who graduated '16.


The graduation success rate in 2016.


Successfully passed our literacy class

Community Health


The number of households served by our Boutik Sante (community health store) program in 2016.


The number of women screened for cervical cancer


The number of Boutik Sante patron beneficiaries as of December 2016.


The number of children screened for malnutrition

CLM Ultra Poverty Impact


The number of households participating in CLM since 2007.


Total number of families reached in 2016.


The graduation success rate in 2016.


Number of new families who joined CLM in 2016