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A Track Record Of Accomplishments In Transforming Lives

“I would like to thank Our Lady Queen of Peace (OLQP) for all the help you have given Medor in the last 20 years.  But I would like to express my extreme gratitude to OLQP and APF for the 3 Legs Program, 

which will allow Medor to begin to help itself,'

stated Pere Luckson, Medor, regarding the 3 Legs Program.

LDCs/3-Legs Program Launched

Launched “Local Development committee” (LDC) and 3-Legs program  to create wealth in the Communal Sections

Selected and financed 15 Students from 5 Departments/ States: Artibonite Valley, Central Plateau, South-East, South and Grand’Anse and enrolled them in UFondwa for 5 years. 

Implemented the second phase of the LDC Project financed by the Switzerland Corporation

(Switzerland Embassy in Haiti)

a) Elaboration of 30 Local Development Plans (LDPs) for 30 Communal Sections through the country in order to support the local Development Committee (LDC) in the Communal Sections.

b) Implementation of two projects: animal production and agricultural production as a pilot activity to create wealth in two Communal Sections: one in the west

(Fond-Baptiste) and the other one in the South East

(Lamontagne, Jacmel)

Food Security, Business Development And More

We executed 3 projects which have been financed by Caritas Italiana:

1) Food Security (assist the peasants, the APF members in agricultural businesses and animal businesses.)

2) Reinforce the APF small businesses 

3) SOL Project (Reinforce the local grassroots organizations and the Small Businesses in rural area)

Identified 400 Peasant organizations in four States of the country and prepared them to create wealth in their rural communities.

Executed two projects of planting “vetivers,,” financed by CEIPAL

Conducted permanent training in several fields for the peasants, members of our network

Continue to fight the Rural exodus

Developed an International Volunteers Program

Welcomed about 300 international visitors per year to Fondwa 

Finance, Income Generation, Forestry, Roads And More

 Created FONKOZE, a micro finance institution of Haiti, with 45 branches, 1000 employees, 80,000 lending accounts and 250,000 savings accounts. (

Established income generating activities: a restaurant; a construction office with a workshop manufacturing blocks; a carpentry shop; a transportation service, an eco-tourism program; a Cultural Center; and a crafts store

Led programs of soil protection, of environment protection and reforestation.

Planted more than 500,000 trees – a large part being financed by PAM, PMR, CECI and CEIPAL.

Construction of 12 km of unimproved roads in clay and paving of 1.5 km in concrete

Collecting of 20 springs with connections, construction of 10 public fountains and 7 water tanks.

Implementation of a community radio station ( Radyo Zetwal Peyizan Fondwa) which is a tool of training and communication for the peasants of Fondwa and its neighborhood.

School, University. Orphanage, Clinic And Credit Union

 Implementation/reconstruction of Fondwa Schooling: (Collège Fraternité Saint-Antoine) from kindergarten to high school graduates.

We provide schooling to about 750 pupils. The school was destroyed by the earthquake of , 2010, but fortunately, from 2011- 2013, we have rebuilt. Half of the construction was financed by four institutions: the Jewish Distribution Committee (JDC), Partners In progress (PIP), Family Health Ministries (FHM) and FONKOZE.

 Implementation and operation of the Fondwa Orphanage which  permanently accommodates 65 children, both boys and girls, from across Haiti..

 Implementation of the University of Fondwa (, the only rural and mountainous University in Haiti. It is accredited by the Haitian government. The first class graduated in 2009.

Implementation of healthcare clinic in Fondwa with a small pharmacy and a small lab. The clinic was destroyed during the earthquake and is under construction now.

Implementation of Fondwa Credit Union (KOF)