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Leadership from across the FJN organizations came together in October 2017, to explore ways of working together even more effectively to address the needs of the rural poor

--  including  exploring ways of fulfilling the U N Sustainable Development Goals 

(17 Goals To Transform Our World -- By 2030), as presented by Tim Maurer.

A Convener-CEO, Tim Maurer, was appointed, and the group concluded FJN will be guided by a Strategic Development Committee.  The committee has met for the first time and explored collaborations.

More information will be made available from this advisory group as soon as possible..

Father Joseph B. Philippe, CSSp

Founder and Coordinator of APF, UNIF, Sisters of St. Anthony of Fondwa, Fonkoze and FJN


In 2017, Father Joseph created the Father Joseph Network, an umbrella organization to support and enable each of the organizations he  founded to affect even greater transformations across Haiti and potentially beyond.  FJN will be guided by the leaders of each organization and its purpose will be to enable further collaboration and ensure greater efficacy in transforming lives of the poor.

In 2016, a documentary, titled "Father Joseph," was produced, highlighting the impact Father Joseph and the organizations he founded have had across Haiti.  The documentary is  available for viewing on Netflix or YouTube and for purchase as a DVD or download through Amazon..

Father Joseph B. Philippe, CSSp, founded Fonkoze, a microfinance firm, in 1994 and continues to serve as Coordinator of Fonkoze, President of Fonkoze Financial Services, and a Board Director of Fonkoze USA. Father Joseph is also the founder of the Peasant Association of Fondwa (APF) and has been its coordinator since 1988. In 1996, Father founded the Sisters of St. Anthony of Fondwa. 

As part of APF, Father Joseph established and helps manage numerous commercial projects, including an agricultural, reforestation and animal husbandry project, a bakery, a guest center/educational tourist program and a restaurant, as well as an auto parts shop, a guest house, a cement store and a scaffolding rental company.   Father has forged countless partnerships with leading organizations, including CRS, Caritas Italiana, World Vision, USAID, European Union, World Food Program and others. His work has also been endorsed by Parish Twinning Program of the Americas.

In 2004, Father Joseph  founded University of Fondwa, an institution committed to sustainable and integrated development in rural Haiti.

In 2004, Father Joseph was elected the Provincial Superior for the Haiti province of the Spiritan Fathers and served a three-year term.

From 1993 to 2001, he was Bursar for the Spiritan Order, and a member of the Spiritan Order’s Executive Council. He served in the Spiritan Order’s training program team for seminarians since 1995.

In 1982, Father Joseph became a member of the Spiritan Catholic Holy Order (Holy Ghost Fathers) and was ordained as a priest. 

Father Joseph holds an undergraduate degree in commercial accounting from the “Ecole de Commerce” André Laroche, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and a Master of Divinity degree with special studies in liturgy and politics from Catholic Theological Union, Chicago. He has also studied credit cooperative management at the Centre Lebret in Paris, and attended training in banking administration at Fairfield University in Connecticut. He also received a Doctorate Honorary Degree at the University of San Francisco, California in 2009 for his work on humanitarian and development aiding the poor.