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Raising Haiti/APF -- A Friend Of Haiti And Rural Peasants

In 1988, Father Joseph founded the Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa (Association of the Peasants of Fondwa/APF Haiti) which now boasts enablement of commercial businesses, a primary and secondary school serving some 700 students, an orphanage, a community radio station, programs in renewable energy, water purification, reforestation and agriculture and more.

APF supports local grassroots empowerment combined with a focus of increasing fundamental rural skills through higher education -- with local college graduates returning to their home communities -- and the creation of economic opportunity through the small business incubators .

 Caritas Italiana provided APF with a substantial grant to undertake a pilot project: researching the current state of organization within forty communities spanning four states (South-East, West, The Artibonite Valley and the Central Plateau). 

From this was  born a structure that APF now refers to as Local Development Committees (LDC). These consultative bodies provide a collaborative approach designed to bring together a local communities’ often fragmented resources to drive economic development.    This approach also affects "bottom-up" innovation and infrastructure creation

Importantly, LDCs have become a central part of Raising Haiti/APF's 3-Legs Program, and both the LDCs and the 3-Legs program overall provide the basis for fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Eradicating Poverty, Eliminating Hunger, Enabling Wellbeing, Providing Clean Water and Energy, Fostering Innovation and Industry, Assuring Inclusion, Forging Partnerships and more.

 FJN's 3-Legs Initiative

Leg 1:  Community Organization

A rural community forms a Local Development Committee (LDC) which is trained by an Animator who receives monthly training and ongoing support by the

Association of Peasants of Fondwa (APF).

Leg 2: Economic Opportunity

The LDC is given seed money,  proven economic development tools and support to enable economic growth and increase wealth throughout  the community.

Leg 3:  Human Resource Development/Higher Education

The LDC chooses secondary school graduates to attend the University of Fondwa (UFondwa), Haiti’s only rural university, on a grant provided by Raising Haiti.  Three students are enrolled: one to study agronomy, one veterinary medicine, and one business management, all subjects needed in rural settings, where 75% of Haitians reside. The university students sign a contract that they will return to their home communities after graduation to work with the LDC to bring wealth to the area.

Communities Across Haiti Are Harnessing FJN's LDC & Three Legs Initiative

Communities Leveraging The 3 Legs Initiative

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