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The Father Joseph Network Is Recognized For Transforming Lives

We welcome you to our website and we encourage you to explore the many facets of the Father Joseph Network and the incredible impact FJN is having in helping the poor.

FJN was engaged by Caritas Italiana to  plan ways to replicate its successes and enable even greater economic development through the management of "Local Development Committees" (LDCs).  


FJN has already implemented several LDCs in  communal areas  across 5 Haitian Departments/States: Artibonite Valley, Central Plateau, South-East, South and Grand’Anse.

FJN will continue to deploy the LDC strategy -- including with a new, overarching 3-Legs program --across Haiti, and potentially beyond.

Through this LDC/3-Legs strategy, FJN will guide communities in developing strategies for growth    and will  help community stakeholders create an economically viable and sustainable future. 

Importantly, FJN will harness its "3 Legs/LDC" strategy  in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals -- "17 Goals To Transform Our World." 

To help achieve the SDGs, FJN will work with community stakeholders, organizations, corporations and individuals and will enable the framework for global growth and job creation identified by the Business & Sustainable Development Commission and the  C. K. Prahalad economic growth strategy,

"The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid -- Eradicating Poverty Through Profits."

FJN Is Helping To Fulfill The UN Sustainable Development Goals

FJN brings a proven capacity in community and partnership development that can help fulfill the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Deemed "17 Goals To Transform Our World," the SDGs include:  Eradicating Poverty; Eliminating Hunger; Enabling Wellbeing; Imparting Education; Providing Clean Water, Energy and Sanitation; Fostering Innovation and Industry;

Assuring Inclusion; and more -- all by 2030.

Going forward, as FJN deploys the Local Development Committee/3-Legs system, FJN will be able to help fulfill many of the SDGs.  Ideally, FJN's proven processes can be a resource for other organizations and nations seeking to fulfill the SDGs.

 Learn How FJN Can Drive Growth By Examining the C. K. Prahalad Framework For Eradicating Global Poverty

A Framework For Eradicating Poverty

The FJN organizations have been executing an economic development strategy similar to the framework espoused by the late economist, C. K. Prahalad -- "The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid, Eradicating Poverty Through Profit."  This framework  is being codified in FJN's 3-Legs/LDC Strategy.

3-Legs/LDCs  will help community stakeholders, professionals, businesses, students and individuals work together to lift people out of poverty, consistent with Prahalad's  framework. 

Of particular note: corporations seeking to "eradicate poverty through profit" can get much-needed and proven support from FJN and the LDCs/3-Legs program.  LDCs can help corporations assess market needs, innovate and scale in collaboration with the communities they seek to serve.

FJN Can Help Parishes Engage In And Fulfill The UN SDGs

The Vatican has joined with all 193 member nations of the UN to endorse the UN SDGs, and it is through Parish Twinning -- in coordination  with FJN's LDC/3-Legs process -- that the Church can help lead the fulfillment of these goals.

FJN's work has been embraced by the Parish Twinning Program Of The Americas, and efforts to enhance the Parish Twinning  program in Medor have really pleased a priest and community -- representing the impact FJN can bring to Parish Twinning  in Haiti.  

From a Parish Twinning perspective, through FJN's LDC and 3-Legs strategy, we can marshal the faithful

toward making the SDGs attainable.

Together, we can create sustainable economic development opportunities for our brothers and sisters in Haiti and around the world. 

Ultimately, the LDCs and 3-Leg strategy should  help reduce a Parish's need to continually ask for donations over time.